You Need More Leads, and We Know How To Get Them

The results of traditional advertising mediums and messages have been on the decline for years. The growth of the internet of the past decade and consumer’s willingness to use the internet has been the primary reason for the decline in the effectiveness of traditional advertising mediums.

In response, Obelis Media began to develop online advertising campaigns. The lead generation campaigns (we refer to them as Targeted Marketing Campaigns or TMC) were tested and tweaked until we began to achieve results that consistently outperformed the results being obtained through conventional advertising mediums.

What is a Lead Generation Campaign?

A lead generation campaign is an advertising campaign designed to gather information, typically the name, phone number and email address from a potential patient. A variety of ad messages targeted to a specific demographic are used.

Lead Generation campaigns directly engage those individuals within your target demographic. No guesswork, no wrong addresses. The ad is shown multiple times to individuals within this demographic, allowing you to keep your business in the minds of those who need what you are selling.

Both the ad content and the demographic are modified throughout the campaign to continually improve the results. Our campaigns allow you to use your marketing dollars flexibly and efficiently. No more hoping and praying that a large direct mail batch might work. In essence, our goal is to generate leads for as low a cost as possible while maintaining as high a return on investment as possible.

We Understand the Content That Will Appeal to Your Customer

Our ads are designed to capture the potential customer (patient) early in the buying cycle. The earlier the better. Since we are capturing the leads early in the buying cycle, not every consumer is ready to buy today, they are ready to buy soon.

Our method allows you to sell today while simultaneously building a database of leads for tomorrow. You can (and should) continue to contact these leads until they are ready to make an appointment. This database can be used to send out eNewsletters, information about upcoming office events, promotions, and much more.

Why Lead Generation is Better Than Direct Mail or Newspaper Advertising

Direct mail is rapidly becoming obsolete. For example, in a typical direct mail scenario you might pay $4,000 to send out 5,000 postcards. In all likelihood, you’ve depleted your marketing budget for at least the next 30 days. You hope that a sale opportunity comes from those 5,000 postcards, but many things could go wrong.

Postcards often end up in the recycling bin never to be seen again; a chunk of those addresses may be inaccurate and go to households that have no one in your relevant demographic. Weather or breaking news can easily distract people from caring about what came in today’s mail. Or worse yet, your competition runs a large direct mail campaign, the week before your campaign is scheduled to run.

Newspaper advertising, although typically less expensive, often suffers from the same pitfalls. Unfortunately, with the net result being the exact same number of sales opportunities. The $5,000 you just spent could easily net 0 leads with no way to garner leads beyond the initial mailing or newspaper run.

Our Results Tell the Story.

Below are the results of an eight week span of time.